New and Improved

Thank you, Kate, for these Penguin Classic Postcards!

As a married woman, I feel a new sense of responsibility in the area of being a domestic goddess. Along with promising my new hubby that I will do my best to cook good food and keep our humble abode neat, tidy, and clean, I decided it would be good to re-decorate and create a space with the space we have that is more…. US! It’s amazing how moving a few things around, adding little details, and few new pieces of furniture (mainly shelving and storage) makes a big difference! I wish I had BEFORE pics!

Our old TV stand was a joke…. plastic pieces that I had since my freshmen year of college! Thank you, IKEA!

New shelving from my Aunt Denise 🙂 THANK YOU!

“N & J” courtesy of my dear friend Brianne! Click her name to see her adorable blog! 🙂

I’m currently semi-obsessed with covering & framing textiles. I may be a little late on this trend, but it’s amazing what it can do to old frames you don’t know what to do with! I covered a magnetic board with a textile to hang pics, invites, coupons, and announcements on ~ instant cuteness!

I loved this idea of a “chalk tray” ledge instead of a shelf!

Happy Sunday Everyone! 🙂


2 responses

  1. OMG! I love everything about this post. Your apartment looks SO cute…but maybe I should come check it out in real life!! LOVE your new bloggy SO MUCH! LOVE YOU even more 🙂 Miss you Mrs. Smith!! Good luck back at school tomorrow!!

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