Our New Friend

His name is Alistair. Alistair the iMac. He’s smooth, good looking, up to date, and full of surprises!

First of all, I must explain the name. When I first met N, he shared that he wanted to name his first born son Alistair. I, however, thought Alistair would be an ADORABLE name for a girl (spelled Allister). Are you following the disagreement? To compromise, we named our new magic machine (aka computer) Alistair. I like it. Nile likes it. Life is good. I have always been a MacLover (not to be confused with a McDonald’s sandwich), so when my trusty MacBook crashed a few days ago, I was devastated. The new iMac has helped immensely! Just today I designed my wedding reception invitation along with the RSVP cards with ease! We’re in love!

One last thing: My favorite blog post of the week: GML’s 10 Ways: Blogging Tips. Thanks for the blog encouragement!!



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