Today I: Finished Season 3 of Dexter. Loved it. But why do I watch this stuff??? (As I double check the door and window locks)…

Dinner tonight: pigs in a blanket. Yum. The “back to school exhaustion” has began to kick in (thus, easy dinner). P90x save me!

Looking forward to: A 3 day weekend full of hubs, brother visiting, and baby showering.

Not looking forward to: The gargantuan snow storm that’s suppose to hit Indy tonight. Booski.

Something I accomplished: My wedding reception invites & RSVP cards. Cute, simple, fun!

One thing I love about N: When I work the 7th & 8th grade sporting events (ticket taker of the YEAR!), he drives all the way to the school just to keep me company during the game. Winner! 🙂

One goal this week: Successfully get out of bed by 5am to get the work out DONE before school instead of waiting until after. Maybe if I got off the computer and to bed earlier, this wouldn’t be so difficult!

MORE IMPORTANTLY –– other than ME, who’s excited for the NKOTBBSB concert? Found out today they are coming to CONSECO here in Indy in July! Tickets go on sale Saturday morning HOWEVER I am going to try to win them on Z99.5 every day this week. WHO’S COMING WITH ME?! (twss)

Nile would like me to be clear that he did not have any part of this post.

For your viewing pleasure (especially YOU Debi Cooper!!):


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