Thursday Update

First: I have to brag. I met my goal from Monday… I did get up at 5am one day this week to do my P90X workout. Booyah!

Today I: Had a fever…. baby fever that is! Went baby shopping for 3 of my dear friends and their soon-to-be-little bundles of joy!! This is something I LOVE. Walking up the aisles over and over again exclaiming, “I want a baby!!” as N rolls his eyes. Funny thing is, N then goes to the toy section, scouts out all the Star Wars toys and says, “we need a kid!”

Smile & Sigh….

Okay, fine, I’m done. For now.
One Thing I love about N: Our grocery store/Target trips. Why are they ALWAYS so fun? I have no idea…. but on these little sporadic trips we laugh our faces off and lose track of time.
One thing I’m looking forward to: My brother, Jacob Cooper, coming to visit this weekend! Always a good time! Maybe he’ll guest post??????
One thing I must share: This print my friend Betsy found here that I instantly fell in love with. I’d like it to come in wallpaper form so I can cover all my walls with it!
Sweet Dreams Friends!!

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