Talk about hilarious…

Just today I uploaded the few pictures I had on my camera to my computer (a little late, I know).

To my pleasant surprise, I found pictures of a hilarious memory from this past Christmas! My mom (Debi) decided to plan a little game for us this year. In this game, she had a giant bag of small presents, each with a questions on the outside of the gift. Each person took a turn pulling  a present from the bag and the rule was you cannot open the gift until you answer the questions. One example questions was, “if you can be any superhero, who would you be and why?” That kind of stuff. It was fun to hear each other’s answers!

Now… the gifts consisted of THE MOST RANDOM things you could think of. For example, Papa Cooper won dish sponges and ring pops.

The BEST GIFT OF THEM ALL was…. well, I’ll let the pictures explain:



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