Sunday Funday!

Have you made a funny face today? It’s a happy day for so many reasons!

Happy Day Reason #1:

My dear friend Betsy had her baby shower today! It was such a precious/sweet/wonderful time! I’m so thankful for friends like Bets! I only hope I look half as adorable as she does when I’m 8 months pregnant some day!

Happy Day Reason #2:

Chicken salad. Thanks to my friend Pam (Pan), I am addicted to this chicken salad. Nile describes chicken salad as the “slimy chicken stuff that you’re supposed to put on sandwiches.”  I do understand that chicken salad isn’t the most appetizing LOOKING but boyyy does it taste good!!

My favorite recipe: 1 Apple of your choice, grapes of your choice, celery, chicken chunks, slivered almonds, S & P, and miracle whip.


Best served on sweet hawaiian rolls or croissants. (Thanks Pam!)

Happy Day Reason #3:

THE GOLDEN GLOBES! Who could resist celeb fashion + Ricky Gervais?!

Happy Day Reason #4:

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! 🙂 I wish Nile had the day off also, but instead he has to work overtime! Booski.

Happy Day Reason #5:

As most of you know, my wedding reception is March 26th. My mom called yesterday to let me know we will be having a real PHOTOBOOTH AT THE RECEPTION! With PROPS! 🙂 We’re so excited!! Oh what fun it will be 🙂

Don’t forget to laugh today!




2 responses

  1. 1. So sad I missed the shower, you all look super cute.
    2. So happy for tomorrow off from school too!
    3. Soooo excited for your photobooth, they are the most fun ever!


  2. Confession – I didn’t read the whole post. It’s bedtime! BUT I will obviously go back. I just needed to tell you I legit LOLed as I was scanning and saw “my friend Pam (Pan)” !!! Bahaha how have we not met yet?! Just saying. 🙂

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