Smelly Sunday

It’s been a great Sunday of getting organized, reading blogs, relaxing, Good Willing! I purchased 5 large frames, an entry way table, and 2 wall shelves for $20! All painted (or to be painted) and transformed to something adorable!

To be painted:

Imagine: wall hanging stacked with cute vases, pictures, and figurines! ($2.99)

These half moon tables are actually difficult to find — and when you do find them, they are at least $40-$50! I picked this beauty up for $10 today — still deciding what color to paint! Suggestions???

8 hours ago, this shelf/hook combo was a hideous brick red color and covered in sheep & teddy bears. One coat of paint later, instant modern & practical. ($4.99) Pink Vase ($.99)

Who doesn’t love frames? I have them EVERYWHERE. Some with pictures, some with awesome textiles, and some…. just empty! I picked up 5 frames of different sizes today ($.99-$2.99). You just can’t beat it if you’re willing to take a couple extra minutes to paint. I picked up a couple other vases and candle stick holders also. Good day.

1 Problem: I get so consumed with these fun little projects that I accidentally neglect things like… say… laundry & dusting… and showering (hence, the post title).

Yikes! đŸ˜®

I did, however, brush my teeth… that’s good, right? đŸ™‚ And cooked a slammin’ meal!

Here’s hoping for shorter/less stressful work days this week so I can make up for it! xo


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