ICEing on the Cake

Good morning!! (at 9:49am, woo hoo!) If you have been living in a hole, just wanted to fill you in ~ We are in the middle of a GIANT ICE SCULPTURE by our the Creator, GOD!

As most know, I am a teacher that works at a district that RARELY delays or cancels. We were closed before bedtime last night, that’s how bad it is!

Things I’ll be thinking about on my blessing of a day off:

Being a kid. This is my baby brother (he’s 22 now)  and I on a snow day when we were little. I think I still have those gold sweat pants!

Drinking as many hot beverages as possible.
Bad news: Because I made fun of the people that rushed to the grocery freaking out yesterday, I ran out of coffee today. Booski! If this was twitter I would also add #karma.

My sweet husband. He still had to go to work today in this treacherous weather (and yes, he made it home last night after an hour & a half commute!) And the best thing: he doesn’t even complain! He’s legit the greatest.

Regis & Kelly! I actually LOVE them and have loved them ever since it was Regis & Kathy and I went to a babysitter that watched it every day when I was little. Of course they did a special segment on teaching Regis to tweet today and I jumped all over the opportunity to get on the show via tweet. Unfortunately of the 500+ people that tweeted at them, my tweets did not make it!

Fleet Foxes released their new song “Helplessness Blues” today and I love it. You may be more familiar with their song “White Winter Hymnal”. It’s only one of my all time faves (please excuse the semi-creepy video):

Speaking of cake (post title), check out this Chewy Brownie Bundt Cake recipe from one of my favorite reads! YUM-O! Perfect snow day baked good!

Okay all for now! If you’re inside today, enjoy & be thankful for your warm PJs, slippers, and warm beverages of your own!

What are YOUR snow day musts?


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