Ice Ice Baby

Well, friends, another day off for this teacher here in bitter-cold Indianapolis! N & I got to get out last night for my friend Lauren’s birthday. We went to a new burger joint that was PACKED with people that clearly had cabin fever.

I do know one thing, I had a cute husband to escort me/hold me up while walking on the parking lot covered in ice 🙂

Another thing I know today is that The View is the most annoying daytime talk show ever created. I know people LOVE this show, but after about 5 minutes of these woman interrupting, yelling, and bantering on and on, I wanted to throw my coffee cup at the TV!

One daytime talk show that is NOT annoying, however, is the Nate Berkus show. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never watched this show before  today and I wish I could stay home for it daily! This show is fantastic – I’d pick him over Martha Stewart ANY day. Full of DIY ideas on a dime, great guests, and humor.

Speaking of DIY, Nate featured a former-lawyer’s DIY home on his show today. I checked out her famous blog (that I had never heard of) called “Centsational Girl, Fabulous for Less” and needless to say, have a new daily read.
[Click header below for blog]

I do love finding awesome things via thrifting and slapping a fresh coat of paint on them to modernize them, but I am very EXTREMELY overwhelmed with the big ideas of refinishing large pieces of furniture, painting large areas, re-covering old furniture, etc. Her blog makes it seems less overwhelming and more doable. Her before & afters are fantastic.

Her idea of creating a DIY home “one project at a time” is so simple yet so very comforting to someone that has a tendency to get overwhelmed by BIG projects. Be sure to check out her PROJECT GALLERY. Life changing. And her blogroll has opened so many new doors to fabulous.

Last ~ if you haven’t read the Stieg Larsson books, you’re missing out.

We recently watched the last of the 3 Swedish movies made from the books. They are all phenomenal. The books are better (of course), but they did a great job with these movies. Unfortunately, Hollywood is remaking these movies also. Hopefully they won’t butcher the awesomeness that has already been done.

On tap tonight: STROMBOLI! (Recipe later)


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