J Loves: Music

As you well know, The Grammy’s are quickly approaching! I love ALL TYPES of music, so I’m particularly excited.

Grammy’s Most Excited  To See: Bob Dylan/Avett Brothers/Mumford & Sons are performing at the Grammy’s!!! N & I got to see Avett Brothers this summer when we went to see John Mayer. Wait… rewind. We went to see Avett Brothers, who happened to be opening for John Mayer [that’s better]. And I think I could listen to Mumford & Sons on repeat all day. 2 of my current faves:

Avett Brothers “Murder In The City” [AWESOME song & so much BEARD action]

Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man”

In my prayers, I’m asking God that these 2 bands go on tour together ASAP!!!!!

Favorite Song of All Time: “Apologize” by Timbaland feat. One Republic. You only wish I was joking. I was in my Senior year in college when this song came out, so I’m not sure if it’s the memories attached to this song, or just the fact that I LOVE it. I think I have it on every other “mixed tape” CD that I own. Never gets old to me.

Least Favorite Song of All Time: Anything by Nickleback.

*Note: I just made a playlist to embed in my post with some of my other favorite songs and it wouldn’t work! BOO!*

I like music. I like dancing. I LOVE air guitar.


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