I Had A Better Weekend Than You!

Saturday AM/Afternoon: For “Valentine’s Day”, N & I decided to pick something to do each that we haven’t done before [Breakfast At Tiffany’s Style]. My pick was naturally shopping related and N’s pick was naturally food related. I chose to go to the north side of Indy to visit their Goodwills and thrift shops (the north side stereoypically tends to have more $ than the south!). Our trip was fairly successful at the first Goodwill ~ as we walked out, the clouds parted, angels started singing and right across the street was a WORLD MARKET.

If you’re unaware, World Market is a unique home furnishing/decor shop that is fairly reasonably priced. They have super different home goods, furniture, decor & AWESOME textile prints! As well as international foods, spices, and beverages.

Our purchases included: this beautiful tablecloth (even though I’m not sure it will be used as a tablecloth)

These pretty string lights (that are made for gardens but will go in the bedroom) & coffee mug (I teach on “team Einstein” at school)

And this random stuff! Plus some coffee beans from Indonesia.

I really wish we had a WM on the South Side. It’s magical.

For Valentine’s Day, my parents bought us barstools for our kitchen bar!! One thing we are lacking in our sweet apartment is places to put your butt! These barstools are an AWESOME addition to making our little apartment a home! Thanks Mom & Dad!!

We also purchased this Stormtrooper spatula from Williams-Sonoma:

Awesome, huh? They have an entire Star Wars collection right now including cupcake kits, pancake molds, sandwich cutters, and cookies cutters!

Taking today to relax, regroup, clean, and mentally prepare for the week!

Oh! One more thing: Check out Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves. This is such an interesting blog featuring old stories, Golden Books, etc.!! See if you recognize any of the books she shares! I particularly liked this one:


Stay Tuned For Next Post: “I Had Better Food Than You!” [Weekend Part Deux]


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