Food, Grammys, & Darwin OH MY!

So today one of my FAVORITE things happened: I left school BEFORE 4pm!!! It is a rare occasion, but it happened today! I got home by 4:30 and feel like I have AN ENTIRE day left! Typically, I am doing one of my many extracurricular teacher commitments: Academic Team Coach, working a sporting event, Ecology Club, Yearbook, tutoring… just to name a few. Feels so good to come home in daylight still!

So, this week I am attempting to accomplish a goal: Cook something new TWICE a week. Our nights of pigs in a blanket, canned soup, and fast food has GOT TO END. Kraft Foods is the BEST for busy people! This week’s recipes are both slow cooker recipes:

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Chunky Chicken Chili
[I love alliteration]

Easy. Quick. Yum.

Moving On ~
Jess’ Top Three favorite Grammy moments:
1st Fave: The Mumford & Sons/Avett Brothers/Dylan performance. AMAZING. I think I cried.

2nd Fave: The Norah Jones/John Mayer/Keith Urban tribute to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” FANTASTIC.

3rd Fave: The RIDICULOUSNESS that was Cee-Lo Green, Gwyneth Paltrow’s, & the muppets “Forget You”. Move over Lady Gaga. HYSTERICAL.

Next ~ My new table top decor 🙂 Cute, huh? I purchased this garden lights to string somewhere in the apartment and just couldn’t find a perfect spot to hang them. This seems perfect for now!

Announcement: Words With Friends is officially out for Android! I screamed when I found out! JSmith1218 or liketheriver! Let’s play!

Do you follow THIS BLOG : [Bleubird Vintage]? If not, you absolutely, positively SHOULD. This little family is so touching, adorable, sweet, and the list goes on and on… She features cute things like this:

You must check it out stat!

I hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s Day! N & I celebrated by eating at QDoba & going grocery shopping at Target [Which, Target was DEAD since everyone was out for VDay, so it was the best shopping EVER!]. Grocery shopping is one of our FAVORITE things to do together. We always have fun. Weird?

I’ll leave you with the Valentine Nile sent me & that I showed on the projector to all my Science classes 🙂

Guess who??? 🙂


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