I Whip My Hair Back & Forth

Quick background: N & I got married privately with just family on December 18th. Next month, we are planning the big reception party for all of our friends [and fam, of course] that didn’t get to see us officially get hitched. We are going to attempt to recreate the wedding “feeling” by showing a slideshow, wearing our wedding clothes (wearing my dress again!!!), and providing an atmosphere of love. There will be dinner, a cookie bar, a photobooth, and of COURSE dancing. This is the fun part.

Trying to decide how to wear my hair for the reception. I’d like to do something different than the wedding:

I think I’d still like MOST of my hair to be UP considering there will be mucho dancing going on. Some ideas I’m kind of loving:

okay, so I may not be able to pull the red head’s look off… but I can imagine!!

Thoughts? Suggestions? HELP READERS HELP! 🙂

P.S. I know Valentine’s Day is way over, but I found the CUTEST Valentine on Earth today:

Can’t we all just celebrate Valentine’s Day EVERY day??


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