This Past Week in a Blink

Phew!! We been BUSYYYY!!! Anyone else have “one of those weeks”? Okay here goes….

Last weekend, we finalized things at the reception venue. It is going to be PERFECT. Beautiful, fun, happy, and did I say perfect?
Sneak peak:

Hooray Party!!

When we were in Ohio, we went to our fave Lima Mexican joint,  Banditos. Nile consumed the biggest burrito I’ve ever seen.

We also shopped for underpants. At Walmart. Trash? Or Treasures?

It snowed….. again. Hopefully this is the LAST TIME. Anyone fight seasonal depression [raise hand high].

I’m still sticking to my “cook 2 new dinners a week” goal. This week I made ham & cheese stromboli and these chicken-parmesan bundles [of course from]:

They were SO SO SO SO GOOD. One of our new faves! Served up with steamed veggies!

Next, Our friend Betsy & Erick FINALLY had their sweet baby! It’s a girl! Welcome to the world Evelyn [Evie] Kate Woeste 🙂 I won’t post a pic of their new addition, because that would be…. really weird of me. Hopefully they will put a pic or 2 on their bloggy so you can see!

Today we discovered a little flea market close to our apartment and ventured inside [for over 2 hours]. Found a few gems 🙂

My favorite find of the day ~ S&P Shakers [$3 for both]

70’s Pitcher [$6]

Vintage Mirror [$10] Still not sure if I’m going to keep it a mirror or transform it into a chalkboard??

How AWESOME is this mug????? Here’s the best part:

The top of the cup has a “mustache protector” so you don’t get foam/liquid in your mustache while you drink!


Okay so that doesn’t SEEM like a busy week, but BELIEVE ME it was busy. I am so thankful to have a weekend at home with husband!


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