Impromptu Academy Awards Mini-Party

Text conversation between husband & I Sunday morning at 8am:

J: I want to make some food for us for the Academy Awards tonight… suggestions?

N: Make asiago potatoes! And some kind of dip!

J: Okay! I’ll make those and mini-weenies and black bean salsa. I also want to bake!

N: Make some type of cheese dip too! We’ll have appetizers! And we can name all the appetizers puns that have to do with the Oscars!

J: Okay! Wait, that’s a lot of food, let’s have a mini-party!

N: OKAY!!! Start spreading the word!

Now it wasn’t a very big party, but it was super fun prepping for it! Here are the menu items {are you ready for this?}:

And, yes, I made name cards for each food item.

The King’s Sprite
Cherry Christian Bale Coke
127 Hours of Diet Dr. Pepper
(With Mixers)


Black Bean Swan Salsa -w- True Gritortilla Chips

Recipe from Aunt Denise, Will Share Later

OSCAR Mayer mini-weenies in Jeff Bridges BBQ Sauce

No recipe needed… Lil’ Smokies w/ Sweet Baby Ray Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

Asiago In Wonderland Potatoes
(always a favorite!)

Recipe from my Momma & Aunt found here.

Banksy Beer Cheese -w- Annette BREADning

Recipe idea from our friends Kari & Jake. Can be found here.


Toy StOREO Truffles

Super easy (and delectable) recipe found here.

It was very spontaneous for me (I’m more of a planner & don’t do super well with spontaneity) but I enjoyed EVERY SECOND of it. I enjoyed grocery shopping, cleaning my apartment, cooking, and preparing something fun for my husband & friends. It was fun to wear my apron, use my fancy ice cube bowl, and try some new things (the oreo truffles were new and AWESOME).

It was funny because we were reading through these “table topics” cards (like conversation cards) that night and one of the questions was, “if you got the opportunity to have any other career, what would you choose?” And I 100% would want to be a stay home wife, mother, designer, blogger, cooker, baker, event coordinator, domestic queen .
Now, how you make money from that, I have no idea, but I’d LOVE every second of it!

I even put a few truffles in TO GO bags as favors 🙂 Now, the bags were from Valentine’s Day, but who cares!

Sigh….. it was SUCH a very fun day 🙂 I want to have a spontaneous mini-party every weekend now!


2 responses

  1. so muxh fun…you have!!
    to be there..i would have loved.

    They pay people to name nailpolish and lipsticks… would be good at that? I wonder if you can do that from home DG?

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