Pancakes, Prints, & Owls with Butt Cheek Eyes

Happy Sunday friends! I’m currently baking brownies, listening to N’Sync, eating black bean salsa, and wondering where this weekend went? I wanted to clean out and organize our spare bedroom closet…. ahem, didn’t happen. I’m usually superwoman on the weekends… cleaning machine, thrifting & painting diva, and betty crocker all in one…. but yesterday I just… did nothing. I’ve been a tad more productive today meaning I got groceries, but that’s about it. Yesterday, N & I did go out for breakfast. We tried a new place, Sophia’s House of Pancakes.

Cute place, huh?

Delicious, cheap, and huge portions (which is what we all need, right?) 🙂

Nile got an omelet big enough to feed a small country, pancakes, and hash browns.

I got pancakes too, but opted for Egg Beaters and honey ham 🙂 Delish!

I got some prints that I ordered in the mail yesterday! SO CUTE. I have found frames from Goodwill for almost all of them!

How perfect is this yellow frame? No paint needed 🙂

Speaking of Goodwill…. When I checked out yesterday, all my stuff rang up 50% off. WHAT?! Must be a Saturday special??

Okay, are you ready for my other amazing find this weekend?

Drum roll please….



Nile thinks they are hideous and they have butt cheeks for eyes. And I admit, they might not be the “cutest” owls ever, but I LOVE THEM. I just couldn’t pass them up…. these things are old… like… 1950’s? 1960’s? Now just have to find the perfect place to hang them (Nile won’t let me hang them in the bedroom). I think I screamed when I saw them (and for $3 each, SOLD!)

I’m putting together a 2nd slideshow for the wedding reception of pictures of N & I as babes, kids, high school, etc. Nile’s momma brought over a bunch of pictures of him and I think I said “how precious/sweet/adorable!!!” After every one I looked at!

Heart Melts.… There’s just something about seeing the man you love as a cute little boy!

One thing I learned about myself recently: I like Diet Pepsi better than Diet Coke (sorry I’m not sorry)

2 New Dinners I’m making this week: Italian Beef Sandwiches (slow cooker) & Shrimp & Pasta Formaggio with salad.

I’m thankful for: My brother, miss you Jake!!



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    • Yes! And I KNEW you weren’t going to like the Pepsi thing…. Diet Dr. Pepper is still and always will be my FAVORITE. But I did realized I’d pick Diet Pepsi over Diet Coke ANY DAY. Sorry Grooms!!

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