SJ’s “Swap Followings” Linky Party

I love a good opportunity to share my blog, find NEW blogs, and support other bloggers 🙂 I visited one of my daily reads, SJ from Homemaker on a Dime, to discover this awesome idea!

It gives bloggers an opportunity to visit, comment, follow, and share our own creativity!

Here are a couple blogs I found via the linky party:

Homemaker in Heels, what a wonderful thought!! 🙂

Modern Wivelyhood

Modern Wivelyhood – A blog about 2 sisters keeping up with the hustle and bustle of life. I love how personal and relatable this blog is!

HOW CREATIVE! FabuLESSly Crafty! Why didn’t I think of that? Some awesome ideas on here! Check this out:

And OMG the tutorial is SO easy to follow! Crepe paper and a glue gun, that’s all you need!!

A Vintage Vine ~ a peaceful & beautiful blog packed full of thrifting & DIY ideas! Love.

HOUSE, Finally! is a unique and creative blog that features THEMED days of the week such as “Motivate Me Monday” and “Tuesday’s Treasures.” What a fab idea. Hmmm…. what could I do for the days of the week?

Sweet Bee Hollow, a super sweet blog featuring another chalkboard paint lover like myself!

The Junk House, How CUTE! A blog about a 20-something getting ready to move from a 1-bedroom apartment to her very own 3-bedroom/2-bath house! She have big plans, but a small budget. She’ll be thrifitng, craiglisting, yard saling, hot gluing, begging and borrowing her way to a fully furnished, beautiful new house! How inspiring!


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