What?! Not ME!

My mood this evening:

Because tonight, I went to the dentist & I found out that I have to get….. a FILLING! I’ve never had a cavity before EVER. I brush AND floss DAILY (okay, I brush daily, floss semi-daily). And to hear her use the word DECAY in the same sentence that she’s talking about MY teeth…..  NO.WAY. But sure enough, must go back in a couple weeks to take care of it. Dang.

She chalked it up to all the sugary pina coladas I drank on my honeymoon…. she said it, not me.

Have you ever had a “You WOULDN’T be referring to ME, now would you?” moment?

Bummer Part 2 Today: One teacher mistook me as a student in the hallway and another student said, “Mrs. Smith, why do you dress like a kid instead of an adult?” I blame the Chucks. Dwelling on the negative, I concluded that the Chucks weren’t a good idea on a Tuesday. Nevermind all the, “Mrs. Smith, you look so cute today” comments. Is anyone else like that? I could get 10 compliments in a day but the 1 negative comment will leave me discouraged. Lord, give me more strength like the woman on the “We Can Do It” posters! Amen.

On a more positive note, here are a few things I love today:

This super cute blog. Even though I am not at ALL country (even though I enjoy Lady Antebellum), I really liked reading through this blog. Definitely a sweet one!

This pretty dress called Morning Hour Dress that I purchased on SUPER sale from Modcloth.com

This awesome print that rings SO true in my life. Especially Today. Yours?

What are the things that YOU do to “Keep calm and pedal on?”


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