The Best Of: Healthy AND Unhealthy Habits

We all have them. Here are MY top 5 healthy & top 5 unhealthy. Let’s start with the shame:

Unhealthy Habit #1: My diet soda consumption. I just… LOVE it. Diet Dr. Pepper is my favorite, but I love Diet Pepsi & Diet Mt. Dew also. Sometimes nothing quite hits the spot like a diet soda. Hey, at least it’s not regular soda, right?

Unhealthy Habit #2: Clutter on countertops. My mom always told me that “flat surfaces should never be used for storage” and she’s right! I always feel more peace when my countertops are cleared…. however, during the week, who has time to find a storage spot for everything? If I put it away, I’ll forget about it!! Nile’s pet peeve: me leaving coffee cups ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. Notice in pic below that there are 2….

hangs head in shame

Unhealthy Habit #3: Remembering SOME birthdays (and sending a card) and forgetting others and not sending a card. Embarrassing times 100. I have them ALL on my fridge calendar. I think I need to send EVERYONE a card or NOBODY a card. Speaking of cards, I would totally send this one to quite a few of my friends or family members:

Unhealthy Habit #4: Smoking.


AHHH JUST KIDDING, I don’t smoke. Never will. It’s kinda yucky. Just trying to freak out a few of my family members 🙂

For Real Unhealthy Habit #4: Bed making (or lack thereof). A lot of grown-ups I know make their bed every morning. I challenged myself and made it every day for a week once. It was AWESOME having the bed made. I must pick that up again.

Unhealthy Habit #5: Spending WAYYYY too much time with technology. So much that it sometimes effects my relationship with others. I mean it’s constant: Twitter, Facebook, Writing Blogs, Cell Phone, Computer, Reading Blogs, Words With Friends, XBox, Movies, TV, E-Mail, etc. There are times that N & I are in the same room for HOURS and don’t speak a word to each other because we are so into technology. Sad…. so very sad. And our generation is DEFINITELY not the worst! If you’re into reading lengthy articles, Psychology Today has a great one on this problem.

So onto the healthy habits….

Healthy Habit #1: I eat a good breakfast every single morning. It typically consists of one of these:

Healthy Habit #2: Being active on the job. I make it a point to be ON MY FEET walking around as much as possible during the day. I allow myself to sit for 25 minutes for lunch and maybe 45 minutes (max) during prep. But for the other 8 hours of the day, I’m up, walking up and down the halls, up and down the steps, all around my classroom. One reason is because I feel it makes me a more effective teacher, but I have ulterior motives. If I’m on my feet running/walking around all day, I don’t feel QUITE as guilty when I don’t make it to the gym 4 days a week.

Healthy Habit #3: Using reusable grocery bags. I’ll never go back and I get SO MAD when I forget to bring them to the store with me. I also love them because they are cute… and I like cute.

Cute. Cute. And Cute.

Healthy Habit #4: I take care of my teeth. I brush and floss and go to the dentist. And even though I got some bad news yesterday, I still actually ENJOY getting my teeth cleaned. I love the feeling of clean teeth!

Yea, so I had a little fun with photobooth tonight… that’s what it’s there for, right??

Healthy Habit #5: Sales, coupons, and thrifting. I have to say that as I look around my decorated apartment, I have spent very little money on the decor (and it still looks cute!) I am patient and willing to put the time into creating things instead of just BUYING them [and spending more $ than needed]. I’ve been slacking on the coupon cutting a lot lately…  must get back into it!

So, what are you MOST healthy and MOST unhealthy habits? I’m curious to know!!


3 responses

  1. Phew!! Scared me with the smoking trick. Don’t ever. Leaving cups around is easy to correct…just do it!! All soda is bad for us. Its addictive because they probably add something to it that we will crave. love groomer

  2. Wow we have a lot of the same habits, I am addicted to soda as well I recently switched over from regular to diet, but its still a bad habit, I hardly ever drink water, I am a big procrastinator, and I often dont put things back as soon as I use them which leads to piles of clutter. Some good habits that I have would be that I am a thrift shopper, I also use coupons, I read alot, and I pray often.

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