Thursday Night Semi-Bummer

So, typically, hubs & I spend our Thursday nights with the following people:

Side Note: Chris Pratt is HILARIOUS on Twitter. Follow immediately.

We can never stay awake for ‘Outsourced’.

But to our major disappointment there are NO new episodes on tonight!! What is going on?? Can someone explain?? I’ve been looking forward to “Comedy Night Done Right” all day! Sigh

Well, at least we have Toy Story 3 from Netflix and pigs in a blanket.

We LOVE piggies in the Smith household. I use 98% fat free Oscar Mayer hot dogs & reduced far croissants, so they are pretty guilt free! 🙂 I think we have pigs one night every week. It’s the perfect go to dinner if we both don’t get home until late and no time to cook!

That’s all for me tonight! I’ll leave you with a couple pretty pictures that put a peaceful smile on my face tonight PLUS a quote or two from one of the funniest TV characters ever [any Parks & Rec fanatics?]!

“When I’m done eating a Mulligan’s meal, for weeks afterwards, there are flecks of meat in my mustache. And I refuse to clean it because every now and then a piece of meat will fall into my mouth.”

“You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have.”

The one and ONLY Ron Swanson


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