Best Of: DIYs

Here are a few of my most favorite DIYs as of lately:

Floral Lace Headband tutorial from one of my newfound blogs. Cute and not too “over the top”.

Hair On The Brain blog. This blog is chock FULL of celebrity style, how to’s, and DIYs like this video:

Flower Picture from A Girl and a Glue Gun. Cutie.

Another new blog friend, Caroline, posted these adorable bathroom storage containers that she made because she was inspired by something from Anthropologie [that is undoubtedly MUST more expensive]. Brilliant, eh?

Like I said yesterday, I planted my own herbs yesterday. Here they are, Day 1:

Mr. Basil, Miss Oregano, and Mrs. Cilantro

I also found a new home for the owls with butt cheek eyes

Now they are watching over us at all times. Which could be either comforting or completely creepy 🙂

Happy Sunday friends!


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