3.14159 Things

Thing 1: Happy Pi Day!! Shout out to all the Math Teachers out there that hopefully practiced pi while eating pie and drawing pie charts today at school!

Thing 2: We celebrated by having shrimp & pasta formaggio, It was pretty good, not sure I’ll make again any time soon. Shrimp, pasta, spinach, tomatoes, lots of cheesy goodness.

Thing 3: The Event. New season premiered last Monday ~ Not sure if you’ve been watching, but there’s been some serious weirdness going on! We love. New episode tonight at 8!

Thing 3.1: Have you SEEN the weather forecast for this week??

NOTE: Thursday 67 degrees?!?!?!? AhhhhHHHH! Also loving that it doesn’t get dark at 5:30. I smell Spring!!

Thing 3.14: Nile was a sweetie and brought home dessert! Hello, giant cupcake!

Thing 3.141:

Thing 3.1415: Newton Faulker. Let’s talk about how much I LOVE HIS MUSIC. Fave song of his:

(sorry no actual video, just close your eyes & LISTEN)

Thing 3.14159: Let’s all say a prayer and remember Japan. I cannot even imagine the hurt & devastation they are going through right now.

Count your blessing friends!



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