Would You Have Been Friends With Your Parents?

I’ve been putting together slideshow #2 for the wedding reception & loving every second of it. I love seeing these old pictures of all my family members! I am so blessed to have so many awesome aunts & uncles, cousins, and supportive grandparents! Most of all, however, I am unbelievably thankful for my sweet momma & pops!

I like LOVE imagining what my parents were like when they were my age with a 1-year old babe.

Did my mom ever get behind on housework like I do?
Did my dad make my mom laugh as hard as Nile makes me laugh?
Did my mom make things & decorate their little space they had like I do?
Did my dad eat and say he LOVES everything my mom cooked like Nile does?

I bet ANYTHING that Nile & I would be friends with my parents. Do you ever think about that?

I mean really. Look how cute they are. Nile & I are cute, right??? 🙂
Mom loved clothes and hair, family and babies…. Dad loved t-shirts, sports, and facial hair.
Jess loves clothes and hair, family and babies… Nile loves t-shirts, sports, and facial hair.
We WOULD have been friends. No doubt.

Would YOU have been friends with YOUR parents when they were your age??


3 responses

  1. I don’t think I would’ve been friends with them if we were the same age. I’m too hippy dippy for them even now with all my breastfeeding and bedsharing. Haha. But we are AWESOME friends now. The age difference and level of respect really help things along. It’s nice that they respect me as much as I respect them. They’re pretty much my favorite people on the planet besides my own little family. Thanks for popping by!

    Just Like June

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