St. Patrick’s Day Husband Hijack!!!!!!!

N here, I’m bored at work so I Husband Hijacked the Blog to tell everyone how awesome and wonderful and amazing my wife is!! I hope everyone enjoys reading her Blog, she loves it when you read it and comment. Here is a picture I made at work one day when I was bored(note:yes I know it has her old name on it and not the new married one but I like the picture and find it funny and I like looking at it at work to remind me of how cool my wife is and how much I love her)

 so the picture pretty much sums up the awesomeness(not a word I’m sure but it sounds good) of my beautiful Wife

Thats a picture of the lovely wife sitting on the steps downtown at the circle, looking wonderful and reading a book!

love you sweetie, hope you don’t mind that I hijacked your blog!!!



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