Reception Projects Complete!

As the big reception/bash/crazy/party is approaching (NEXT SATURDAY), I’m finally finishing the projects I have taken on!! They’ve all been so much fun!!

My reception project music has been my “Backstreet Boys” playlist on Pandora. It’s AWESOME SAUCE (Parks & Rec, anyone?) All the best boy bands, Christina, Britney, S Club 7…. not sure why this music motivates me, but it DOES. In the meantime, I’m attempting my family’s recipe for sauce & meatballs (first time making it!!) I’ve talked to 4 family members and they all make it differently! I’m trying to pull in each of their tips to make the BEST PASTA SAUCE EVER. Will post recipe with pictures later!!

Project 1: Wedding Slideshow

I used iMovie to create a slideshow of our little family wedding that happened in December to show at the VERY BEGINNING of the reception. I’m hoping this will recreate that “wedding day” feeling. I can’t post the slideshow because I don’t want to spoil it for the readers that are attending!

Project 2: “Growing Up” Slideshow

I used iPhoto for this one. It’s the typical baby picture to engagement picture slideshow. This one was SO FUN and time consuming! Looking through all the pictures and deciding which ones to use was tough!! iPhoto makes it so easy. Drop all the pictures into one folder, chose your theme, and DONE! This will be playing out at the bar area on the 5,000 (sarcasm) flatscreens at our venue!

Project 3: Table Numbers

I used Picnik & Pages to create table numbers listing the number as well as the people that are sitting at that table. It was definitely more time consuming than I thought. Worth it or not? Haven’t decided yet…

Project 4: Chalkboard Table Assignment Board

These are not finished yet. I am going to write the last names of guests in alphabetical order with their table numbers in white chalkboard marker on them.

Paint still wet and you can see the spray paint drips (light hitting just right of course)…. It’ll look better when the names are written on it & it’s completely dry. I HOPE.


Project 5: Talk Bubbles for Photobooth

Ordering these adorable things on Etsy will run you about $30 a piece. As I’ve said in previous posts, I just traced 2 on foam core board & sprayed them with my beloved chalkboard paint. Paint = $7.99 Foam Core Board = $5.99. SCORE.

They turned out AWESOME. Only thing I’ll do differently next time is use an Exacto Knife instead of scissors to cut them out.

Oops! The whole reflection thing… hahaha It’s supposed to say:

We CANNOT WAIT to celebrate with all of our dear friends & family!!!

Are you working on any fun projects???


3 responses

  1. who is the other family sauce aficionado??? LOL I am sure the sauce it will be wonderful from all the care and love you have put in it!!! ❤

    Reception is gonna be mag!!

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