Things I Love About Wedding Receptions

We made it to Ohio. We’re exhausted. I DESPERATELY need a pedicure. I was thinking about the upcoming event & just how special events like this truly are. I’ve always dreamed of this giant party that everyone is dancing, singing, and loving each other!
My favorite things about ALL wedding receptions are as follows:

1. The Music

[Get Low]
[Like a G6]
[Party In the USA]
[ Yeah]

2. Seeing people you don’t get to see often.

And many MANY more….

3. Buying a new dress! I know I’m the bride in this situation, but I’m so excited to see all my friends’ new dresses they purchased JUST for my reception!
My favorite dress of the day:

From here.

4. Automatic date night. Receptions force you to dress up, get a mani/pedi, get a babysitter & a hotel room, wear those cute heels you never get to wear in “real life”, and spend more-than-normal-time getting ready for a night OUT. Receptions also force your men to dress up & there’s just something about your man all dressed up! πŸ™‚ AND receptions give you an opportunity to DANCE with your significant other!!! Ohhhhh how I love dancing!

Just like my dad did.

Excuse me, Is that John Travolta? Oh no wait, it’s Bill Cooper, Father of the Bride.

5. This is the ONLY time in the bride & groom’s life that EVERYONE in both of their lives are in the same room at the same time. Isn’t that a crazy perspective? EVERYONE. All the friends you talk to your family about, all your family that you talk to your friends about, all your friends you talk to your other friends about…. you get the idea. ALL TOGETHER for just a few precious hours to celebrate.

What a wonderful, joyful thought.

Tomorrow’s Tasks: Possible pedicure, find more props for the photobooth, pizza with family, finish table assignments, enjoy every second.

What are your favorite wedding/reception things?

P.S. Look at this wedding cake. WOW.


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