J Loves: Spring Break

Are you a magazine reader?

Because I am. Magazines & Blogs.

I subscribe to 4 magazines: Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Taste of Home, and my FAVORITE Real Simple [Life Made Easier].

There’s just something about holding a magazine, taking it with you wherever you go, and anticipating what is on the next page. WHAT IS IT????? I’m trying to figure it out. Maybe it’s the countless hours sitting at the pool reading magazines or the fact then when I have the time to read a magazine, I’m usually not stressed. Real Simple has an awesome website too! I even enjoy the ads (weird, huh?) I was inspired by SO MUCH in the new Spring issue.

Like this quote:

And this Spring Cleaning Tip:

Using Baking Soda to Clean Your Mattress

Dust baking soda on mattress while mattress pad is in the wash, then KEEP THE BAKING SODA on your mattress, make your bed, and don’t vacuum it up until the next time you change your bed sheets. Whoa!!!!

I will be reading LOTS of magazines this week on Spring Break! Other things I will be doing:

1. Appointments: Dentist, hair, etc.
2. Shopping, thrifting, woo!
3. GTL
[Not a fan of Jersey Shore? Gym, Tan, Laundry]
4. BLOG and read EVERY blog I can possibly find! Like this new one:

5. Craft & make some things. I’m thinking a couple wreaths for my doors, transforming a shelf & table I acquired over the weekend.

6. START SEWING. I officially signed up for Home Ec Online this morning. Can’t wait to get my machine and GET GOING! I’m so thrilled to learn every single one of the 27 projects taught in this e-course!

A couple things I found today:

These awesome recipes from Little Momma & Co for mini donuts, mini pies, and chocolate mustaches [right up my ally]! Aren’t they the cutest things ever?!

You may have seen this on Joanna Goddard’s blog, but I thought it was too cute to not repost! Ballet is challenging!!

Happy Day Everyone!


3 responses

  1. I love magazines as well. I subscribe to Redbook and Good Housekeeping and will buy Real Simple occasionally. Good luck on your thrifty finds search this week, keep us posted.

  2. Say, the editor in chief of Real Simple wrote a great book called Just Let Me Lie Down (a humorous, quick book about Motherhood). That’s how I got introduced to Real Simple! Love it!

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