‘Round The House [SB Day 2]

Happy Tuesday aka Spring Break Day 2!

Just wanted to show you a couple thing I’ve done around here in the past 24 hours.

2 Thrift Store Finds:

Vintage hamper, $10. [which we actually needed!]

Old mirror with shelf, $4.50 [haven’t decided if I’m going to paint or not yet… I kinda like the blue!]

1 Spring Cleaning Goal Accomplished:

Can someone please tell me the secret to getting the crusty grease off the metal burner inserts???
Ammonia? Vinegar?

1 New Thing We’ve Tried

Our awesome new blender! We made fruit smoothies last night, now searching for the best coffee smoothie!!
Do you have any good smoothie recipes??

1 Craft Completed

This pretty wreath that now hangs on our porch door! It was SO EASY and fun!

My inspiration for the wreath came from THIS post by FabuLESSly Crafty [that is quickly becoming one of my favorite craft blogs!]

Next Spring Break major goal is this:

Yikes! Our Spare Bedroom!

I can’t believe I’m even putting this embarassing picture up (for motivation, maybe?)! Since the wedding reception, everything just got thrown in here! This poor room gets the least attention 😦 I’m planning on transforming this neglected room into a sewing/creating room that I can spend more time in rather than taking over the living room or kitchen for crafting, sewing, and painting. Makes sense, huh? Now I just have to create a space that is creative and a good work environment that I will enjoy spending time in. There is also a huge closet in this room that needs organized SO BADLY. I refuse to post a picture of until I organize it (so I can show you the before/after then!)


3 responses

  1. Good morning! Just discovered your blog – so adorable! And, girl, I wish I knew the secret to cleaning those burner pans! I think maybe its go to Walmart and buy some new ones! 😉

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