30 Day Challenge & A Sewing Update

During the month of April, I am joining Nan of The LBD Diaries & Pamela at Road To Joy in blogging about 30 things I love about my husband. They did this last year and invited me this year because I would be considered half of a “couple that makes you want to puke.” And I must say that I’m PROUD to be in that category!

Starting April 1st I will be posting at least once a week about things I love and appreciate about my husband (5-7 things per post until I hit 30!) There are so many blogs written by females that bash or talk negatively of their husbands, so I am proud to take part in this challenge to shed some positive light on this wonderful thing called marriage. It’s also N’s birthday month, how appropriate!!! 🙂

Okay so I woke up with a new sense of motivation! My first goal was to get my new “sewing” room semi-organized. It took all morning!!

It’s still not completely finished. I have to get some storage units, curtains, and hang some pretty things on the bare walls, but doesn’t it look so much more peaceful??? Ahhhh…
Will keep you posted on the rest!!

Giant pile of trash/donations!! It feels so good to purge!!

After my cleaning out spree, I decided to tackle the dreaded drawstring gift pouch again. This time, it didn’t take nearly as long, but I think I still did something wrong! I was actually able to put the drawstring through the top, and it actually looks good from a distance 🙂

Just don’t look too closely at the stitches, they are SO crooked!!! But I’d say I deserve a B+ on this re-do! Don’t think I’ll be wrapping any gifts in it, but I think I could find a use for it here at home!

Project 2: Single sided napkins: Success on the first try! These were actually quite easy…I made 2 beautiful napkins in less than 25 minutes!

Eventually I’ll be able to make double-sided napkins with ease!!

Next 2 Projects: Reusable Grocery Bag & Round Bunting to make banners!

Hoping mine will turn out HALF as cute as the examples!!!


10 responses

    • You are doing so great. The napkins are so cute. You are talented. You did a good job on the sewing room. wow what a makeover. Keep up the good work. I told you..you’re the B-E-S-T best. love you, groomers

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