J Loves Today: Spring Break Day 4

Spring Break Day 4. Oh, it’s going so fast!

First thing I love is the fact that it only took me 15 minutes to take care of business (change my last name!) at the BMV. Is that some type of world record or something?

Second – I successfully made the reusable grocery bag last night! WOO HOO! Wasn’t too difficult 🙂 I have the material to make another one tonight! Now that I am learning, I am looking at some things I have purchased (bedding, sheets, hair accessories) and I think, “I could make this!!” I really think this sewing adventure is going to be life changing (and money saving!)

P.S. I named my sewing machine Florence the Machine. Get it?
**If you don’t understand the reference, there is a popular music group called “Florence and the Machine” that N & I really like.**

Are ya with me?

I love the clothes & Accessories at Spotted Moth. Reasonably priced too!! Too bad it SNOWED yesterday, so no bare legs yet!

Currently Listening To: Newton Faulkner, Hand Built By Robots
I’ve been really into listening to records while working lately. There’s just something about them that is more calming than iTunes & CDs… what is it??
Do you have a record you are proud of or cherish?

I finally went downtown to Midland Arts & Antiques today with a friend… Midland is an old warehouse FULL of antiques & treasures! We were there for 3 hours and didn’t even get to all the booths!! I could literally spend an entire 24 hours there just looking, searching, and taking it all in! Definite FAVORITE thing of the day.

Talk about UNIQUE.

This particular booth had a TON of vintage fabric that I was drooling over but it was SO MUCH and SO EXPENSIVE! For example, 2 yards = $40 or an entire bolt for $100. I actually considered purchasing, for like ONE second.

I did, however, score a couple yards of vintage fabric (all 3 for $7!)

I really need to start working on thrifting for fabric (At fabric stores, it can add up quickly!!!)

I also found a couple other vintage treasures to add to the collection.

I’ll close with a couple handmade finds today that I love:

Laptop Sleeve

This print that was on the cover of a Mother’s Day card. (Love you Mom!)

Aren’t these birds’ nest rings ADORABLE/INTERESTING? And you get to pick your color!!

Okay I think that’s all for today! Speaking of things I love, tomorrow is the first day of my 30 Day Challenge! Should be so much fun!
Happy Friday Eve!!


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