Date Day: Vintage Jackpot

Vintage Barbie from The Indianapolis Children’s Museum BARBIE exhibit.

Ahhhh, vintage. I know it’s quite the trend now-a-days, but I can’t get enough of it.

So, yesterday, Nile & I had a little “date day”. We opened a joint checking (making marriage official), went to the Children’s Museum, and then made an unexpected stop at an Antique Mall just a few miles from our place.  As I blogged about the other day, a friend & I visited Midland Arts & Antiques, which was really fun, but really overpriced. To get to the point – this “new” antique store we randomly stopped at yesterday was JUST AS AMAZING and the price was RIGHT! As soon as we got there, we turned the corner and I saw this:

Cue clouds parting and angels singing.
There were about 4 booths at this antique mall that had vintage fabric displays like this or better! And if that  wasn’t enough, the price was UNBEATABLE. I’m talking $1-$2 per yard (or MORE!) Yards of new fabric at a fabric store range from $5-$10 a yard! The vintage fabric I found at Midland was about $35 a yard!
So, this is what I came home with:

All for no more than $15. HOORAY!

After I calmed down from the initial shock & excitement, we entered the next booth:


Now all the wonderful colors were very appealing, but what caught my attention was the table & chairs underneath it all. A 60’s/70’s table with 4 orange chairs MARKED DOWN from it’s already cheap price

[side note: I purchased our current table & chairs for $20 when I first moved here, already threw away 2 of the chairs because they fell apart].

I looked at Nile with begging eyes and he said, “let’s keep going, we’ll think about it and come back when we’re done.” Sigh. Okay…

Found some other cute things along the way [we were there for over 2 hours!]

Shelf & blue coffee mugs are new.

I didn’t purchase this, but thought it was hilarious. An advertisement encouraging women to “reach for a Lucky Strike” instead of reaching for chocolate!! Look at the top title:

“The Shock of Facing What Your Figure May Become.”

So we finish our rounds and get to the check-out counter and I hear Nile say,

“We’ll take all this fabric & stuff plus the table and chairs in booth 124.”
I think my expression went something like this:


So the kind men loaded our old/new-to-us table & chairs and we headed home, myself still in shock thinking, “I get to re-decorate now!!”. I think I “re-decorate” at least once a month.

I love my husband.

And I love our new little table, it has so much character! It suits us perfectly and the chairs are AWESOME & durable (unlike our old ones!)

To celebrate our wonderful day, we cashed in our Groupon from a long time ago for Fireside Grill.

Nile got a burger. Man vs. Food.

And I got my FAVORITE steak in the world, topped with shrimp, goat cheese, and olives!!

I lead such a happy life and it’s the little things that bring me so much joy!

What are some of the “little things” that fill you with joy???


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  2. wow you really got some good deals. And the lunch looked fantastic. you both are doing so well with the decor at your apt. I am proud of you. Wish i would have got steak like you had today. looks good and Nile’s burger looked scrumptous. love groomers

  3. Wow! Great deals! When we are out in Indy next time around I’ll have to look up those antique places to hit. If you’re ever in the Dayton area there are 2 GREAT antique places in downtown Tipp City with decent prices! 🙂

    One thing I find joy in lately is just listening to the birds sing while I’m laying in bed after my alarm has went off and I’m contemplating if I “really” want to get up. Even when it’s raining the birds are still chosing to sing! I could take a lesson from them! 😉

    • Ohhhh I could definitely take that same lesson from them! 🙂 Yeah, Indy has some great spots, some are more reasonably priced than others… I’m a little more into thrifty antiques than expensive, ya know?

      We actually go through Dayton to get to Lima (where I’m from!), so we will definitely be sure to stop the next time we go through! Thanks so very much!

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