All Good Things Come to A {Peaceful} End


Today is Sunday.
Sunday means the last day of Spring Break.
What a wonderful Spring Break it was.
Sunday means being thankful for the things God has blessed me with.
I’m feeling quite reflective today.
Sunday is a beautiful & warm Spring Day, which makes the ending of this glorious break not so bad…. it actually makes it quite peaceful.


Other things that have made my Sunday peaceful include:
*Grocery Shopping*
{not even kidding, one of my favorite things!}


This Beautifully Written Song.
Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

*Baking peanut butter brownie cupcakes for my husband*
{okay, maybe I’ll have ONE ;)}

Quick Recipe
(if you can call it a recipe?)

Boxed brownie mix (with oil, h2o, eggs) & 12 oz. of Reese Cups or I used the little PB eggs that are seasonal now.
Mix brownies, pour in lined cupcake pan, drop 2 unwrapped PB Eggs into each cup & bake according to box! Not baking them in a traditional brownie pan & using the cupcake liners makes for easy cleanup too!

*Pretty Photos*

I’m really excited to take part in the SITS “SPRING into Action Photo Challenge”

sits springphotobadge Join the SITS Spring into Action Photo Challenge!

Photos are the best part of reading as well as writing a blog and this offers tips & tricks to boost a blogger’s amateur photography skills. I love a good blog challenge.

What are the things that make your days off & vacation days PEACEFUL?