Photo Challenge {Day 1}

Photos are a really big part of my blog. I LOVE to write AND read blogs that are rich with photos. I can’t automatically imagine visuals in my head just by reading text like some people can, but you give me a snapshot, and I can create a story!

I am taking part in the SITS Photo Challenge to help enhance my every day photos. I really have no desire to take a “serious” photography class with a super-sonic camera, but I’d like my pictures to be creative, unique, and appealing.

Today’s challenge was all about incorporating composition & perspective. This is such an easy way to “spice up” your photos! Here are a few photos of the things around my home that I have photographed for the blog previously…. but much improved by using a different angle or not taking the shot “head on.”

Hopefully tomorrow will be “how to get the slight fuzziness out of your photos!”