Photo Challenge {Day 1}

Photos are a really big part of my blog. I LOVE to write AND read blogs that are rich with photos. I can’t automatically imagine visuals in my head just by reading text like some people can, but you give me a snapshot, and I can create a story!

I am taking part in the SITS Photo Challenge to help enhance my every day photos. I really have no desire to take a “serious” photography class with a super-sonic camera, but I’d like my pictures to be creative, unique, and appealing.

Today’s challenge was all about incorporating composition & perspective. This is such an easy way to “spice up” your photos! Here are a few photos of the things around my home that I have photographed for the blog previously…. but much improved by using a different angle or not taking the shot “head on.”

Hopefully tomorrow will be “how to get the slight fuzziness out of your photos!”


11 responses

  1. Love the new format of your blog. It is really cool. I always like the pictures you post. Today the pictures were really different. I liked them.

    • Oh THANK YOU Dani! I think you’re right! It’s amazing to me how I’ll shoot things on the same settings in the same room and one will turn out beautifully clear and one will turn out with the slightest bit of fuzziness! I just haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly what it is!

      And I’m headed to my app store ASAP!

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