30 Things {Part 2} + Happy Birthday!

Happy 26th birthday to the greatest man I know!

Go shawty, it’s your birthday.

Nile, thank you for being the B.E.S.T. Hope your birthday is so super special! With candles on top! I love you with all my heart!

In honor of his special day, here is part 2 of my “30 Things I Love About My Husband” challenge I am taking part in with Nan & Pam!

Oh I’m enjoying this challenge SO VERY MUCH.
{See Part 1 Here}

#9: Awesome sense of humor. Laughing is one of the staples in our relationship. We laugh about the DUMBEST THINGS EVER.
#10. He wore Chucks on our wedding day (along with the groomsmen). That automatically puts him in the ‘coolest ever’ category. Am I right?
#11. He does not exhibit or take part in the typical male disgustingness. I’m talking burps, farts, snorts, snot rockets, stinky feet, etc. Now I realize most of these things are acts of nature…. I guess…. but I really appreciate the fact that my husband does not take advantage of the “natural” fact like some men do. (i.e. “I can’t help it honey, it’s natural!”) Especially in public. It’s gross to my husband too. Thank you, God.

#12 . He’s a family man. He comes from a great family and he LOVES my family (this makes me tear up thinking about it!) My parents & brother have always been the LOVES OF MY LIFE (well, until N came along & stole my heart!), so the fact that Nile accepts & loves my family as his own, means the WORLD to me. I also adore the fact that he has a good relationship with his own family, especially his brother! There’s nothing quite like a good sibling relationship!
This is one of my favorite photos ever.
Jake (my bro), Justin (Nile’s bro), and of course, Nile.

#13. He likes the same types of comedy that I do. We always bond on Thursday nights as we watch new episodes of Community, Perfect Couples, Parks & Rec, The Office, and 30 Rock. That’s 2.5 hours of quality “laughing with Nile” time.

#14. He has great taste in music. He has introduced me to some of my favorite bands: The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, She & Him, and Newton Faulkner (just to name a few). He has expanded my musical thinking!

#15. Speaking of music, Nile has introduced me to the world of CONCERTS. The only concert I had ever been to before I met Nile was Michael W. Smith at the fair with my parents when I was in like 4th grade. Thank you, sweetie, for opening my eyes to the amazingness that is live music! I experienced John Mayer, Avett, Jack Johnson, BOB DYLAN, GLove, and A.F.I last summer.
This Summer Concert Hopefuls:
(Florence & The Machine, Avett Bros,  Ke$ha, Lady Antebellum, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals)

#16. Lastly, Nile does this thing where he’ll randomly start the sentence with, “so…. what does it feel like to be….” and he’ll end it with things like, “the most beautiful in the land.” or “the greatest cook in the world.” He has on many occasions said (while shopping), “What does it feel like to be the best looking couple in Wal Mart at this very moment?” hahahaha I love it!
I suppose that last one isn’t very difficult to accomplish!

xoxo, your crazy wife lady


10 responses

  1. I love this, and I love you. Number 16 is my absolute favorite. I can just hear him saying those things…”The best looking couple in wal-mart at this very moment”?! Haha yes! Also, I love that you signed it “your crazy wife lady”. Around here, erk woeste is known as “that daddy guy”. Basically what I’m trying to say is you guys are awesome. Xoxoxoooo!

  2. well how nice to know all these things about our Nile. all i have to say is AWESOME, AWESOME AWESOME!! Love to both of you and have a great and wonderful day. and awesome too.
    love groomers

  3. laughing HAS to be a huge part of the relationship! its totally necessary. me and my man also laugh at the dumbest things too. 🙂 its great

    found you thru SITS 🙂

  4. Reasons why you never went to another concert after Michael W. Smith? IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT EVER!!!

    Just kidding

    I win I totally went to Amy Grant AND Michael W. Smith Christmas Concert. THAT was the best concert ever!!

  5. This is just SO good! My favorite is #11 – I didn’t think of that one myself, but Alpha Hubby is the same – no horrid burping the alphabet! I love this. Wasn’t this challenge fun? I can’t believe we only have 3 days left after today! I posted my latest and updated your links on there! Thanks for participating.

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