Weekend In {Mostly} Photos

Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes. Yum.
See full recipe here.

Baked Nile’s birthday cake (Reese Cup Cake)

If you are a big chocolate/peanut butter loves, this is the cake of your dreams!

Celebrated N’s birthday by going to the Indianapolis Indians home opener!

Sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles, and indulged!

Took a couple cool shots downtown.
Dreary day shot of some street art downtown.
I like the night shot better 🙂

My brother-in-law is in a great rock band that played a great show Friday night. Was SO good to spend time with some dear family members! The show was awesome!! Proud to say, “My brother-in-law is the drummer!”
{Sad I left my camera at home for the show:(}
He’s the bald one! 🙂
Autumn Burning on Facebook
Autumn Burning on MySpace
Special thanks to my Aunt Denise! We kinda surprised her with needing a place to stay 🙂 Love you!

Saturday was driving home & a sweet girl’s 1st birthday party!

Happy 1st to my dear friend Brianne’s baby girl Sophie! What a wonderful party!

The rest of the beautiful Saturday afternoon/evening was spent with my husband. Shopping for softball cleats (for him!), going to church, and enjoying the beautiful weather and all the beautiful blossoms on the trees!
It’s like they bloomed overnight!!!
Did I mention my life being B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L? Because it is.

Phew! I must say, we are 2 sleepy Smiths this evening! Looking forward to a day of just being HOME {my favorite place to be!}

Funny (poor quality/taken on phone) photo of the weekend:

Ya think this lady’s destiny was to be a dentist, or WHAT?

Hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine so far!! xo


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