These Are My Confessions {Part1}

I can’t even believe I’m going to admit this.
I confess: I am completely in love with Farmville on Facebook.

I know, you’re judging me BIG time right now. And it’s okay.
I remember when it first started forever ago and I’d see all these Farmville posts and I’d be like “WHAT THE HECK! WHO CARES ABOUT FARMVILLE?! GET A LIFE!!”
ahem. I’m sorry.

This is me at my farm!
If you don’t know, Farmville is a game that you grow & harvest crops and livestock, sell things, collect coins, build things, etc. Kinda like Sims, I guess?



I was thinking about this question this morning on my way to school (after waking up 40 minutes early to harvest my wheat!) and I came up with 3 reasons:

1. After a stressful day at school, it is a  great way for me to decompress. It is mindless, fun, and there is always a goal/challenge.

2. I’ve always loved playing games, especially electronically.
(Words With Friends, Plants Vs. Zombies, Bejeweled)
I’m just THAT kind of person.

3. I love to have something to care for. I love taking care of my husband… cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and making our house a home. I love taking care of my blog. I like to change it, update it, add features, make it cute, etc. I love taking care of my students at school, they mean the WORLD to me.
And I LOVE taking care of my farm.

This may very possibly make me the world’s strangest person.

I also confess that I love this current pic of N & I:
The blossoms on all the trees all over are SO WONDERFUL.

I confess that I’ve been searching for the perfect vintage flour, sugar, coffee, & tea containers at thrift stores lately. I’m looking for a set that makes me go, “I LOVE THIS!” and then look at the price tag and do a little dance. Some cuties:



I also confess that I drank a whole pot of coffee today, I admitted to knowing how to “walk it out” to my 7th period class today, and I still have a half unpacked suitcase on my bedroom floor.

Do you play any type of game like Farmville that you’d like to confess? 🙂