When You Start Talking About Jesus….

I was catching up on my daily reads today, and what I read on one of my favorites, Designer Wife, left me in tears & was too good to not pass on to YOU. She posted this video of Mike from the Christian band Tenth Avenue North that brings sincere truth about our role, God’s role, and other people’s reactions to hearing about Jesus. You never do know what you’re going to get with people and sometimes people’s reactions surprise you. I tend to try to spread the love of God by
preaching the gospel always, seldom using words.
{Thanks, mom!}
Ya know, showing Jesus’ love by my actions, reactions, and interactions with others. I want my “little light to shine,” if you will šŸ™‚
But I often wonder if I SHOULD be using more of those “words”?

Think about YOUR reaction when people start talking about Jesus.
How do you feel when YOU start talking about Jesus in conversations with others?

Lindsay also included this poem (known as the “Bible in 50 Words”):

Thoughts? šŸ™‚


5 responses

  1. Great blog entry Jessica. I thank God everyday for you and Sasha, the best daughter-in-laws in the world and my two most wonderful sons who mean the world to me and the most wonderful husband ever. All this brought to you by GOD!!!!

  2. you are a special gift to this world my girl!
    Jesus had a way of communicating acceptance without approval. Acceptance paves the way to influence. People who were nothing like Him, liked Him. (Andy Stanley)
    I love speaking His name-it’s healing to my soul!

  3. I love that video! Thanks for sharing. It’s is SO true… God doesn’t need us. And other people’s salvation isn’t dependent on us saying the “right” thing. God works through even our weakness. This is really such a good reminder to me. It’s so easy to get caught up in not wanting to offend anyone, but we as Christians weren’t called to stay comfortable and only talk to our other Christian friends. We were called to “go into ALL the world!”

  4. Love the post and the poem. Sometimes it is awkward to talk about God to others especially non-beleivers and its easier to just be an example. However some people need to hear the word and see the actions. On another note how is the sewing going. Where did you find the tutorials? I am interested in giving them a shot as well.

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