Countdown To Vegas

We’re so so SO excited we can’t stand it!!! We leave Saturday morning! I’ve been spending time at the pool, catching up on magazines, and doing laundry. WHAT A LIFE, I know!

Some other things I’ve been up to to kill time until Vegas….

Project #1: End table transformation.

 She’s a beauty (thanks Aunt Karen!). In fact, I loved the character of it so much I just thought about cleaning it up & replacing the knobs, no paint! But there are so many dings, holes, and scratches that it needs so love! 🙂 Will post a before/after when I’m finished!!

Yellow Toenails.

Nile said the yellow represents the coins & lights of Vegas 🙂

The Sound of Music vinyl. 

There’s nothing better to me than “My Favorite Things” echoing through our humble abode while I’m home!

Project #2: Accent Pillows

Will let you know how this one turns out 🙂 I’m so happy to discover fabric covered button kits!

Watermelon consumption.

  It’s so YUM and SWEET and PRETTY!! You’d be a liar if you said you couldn’t eat this entire bowl!

TONIGHT’S PLANS: Celebrity softball game downtown at Victory Field. I can only hope Reggie Miller will be playing!!! I used to have his jersey when I was in 4th grade. As well as a Pacers Starter jackets. I was obviously really girly.

Have you been to Vegas? Where are some MUST GO places??? 


2 responses

  1. I am excited for you too. Have a great time. Maybe you’ll catch some of the shows and just maybe win a million $$$$. Never know. I like the pillow your making. You are so neat. I have yellow nai polish too. woooohoooo. love you both.

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