26 Weeks

 Happy 26 (almost 27) weeks to me!

Time is going outrageously fast! I feel AWESOME ~ and only 1.5 weeks until THIRD TRIMESTER! Baby girl is moving & grooving like crazy. I love every second of it! I’ve started to count DOWN (14 weeks to go!) instead of counting the weeks up.

In other news, we had our first big party at our new house over the weekend! We hosted the staff Christmas party for my co-workers at BGMS. It was a HUGE success! Gift exchange, music, cheer, and lots of awesome people! My parents & in-laws even took part in the merriment! Parties have always brought me joy and I am SO THANKFUL that we have a killer house now that we can have parties at! There were about 35-40 people that attended and all fit comfortably! Here are a couple shots of the party day!

 Ramona waiting for guests to arrive.

 Living Room


 Basement 2 

 My wonderful parents drove in for the party!

 Best In-Laws in the world


The cutest bartender ever

 We even had a surprise visit from 4 guys from Ball State with sweaters & staches singing Christmas carols at my front door!! Perfect!
*You may or may not recognize Jacob Cooper on the far left*    

Thank you to everyone who attended my party! I had so much fun being the host! I’m ready to have another party this weekend!! I’m feeling the holiday cheer!
Just a few gifts left to purchase & 8 school days left until my beloved winter break! It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year! xo


3 responses

  1. I am feeling a little afraid of J.C. in his Christmas sweater 🙂

    You look great Jess, & your house is lovely! Enjoy this final Christmas as a family of 2.

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