1 Year

Warning: Super Sappy Post Ahead  

Today marks 1 year that I’ve been married to the most wonderful man on the planet.

1 whole year.

1 year since we said “I Do”,
1 year since I spent the entire day with my 3 best girl friends getting ready to walk down the aisle,
1 year since we had Han Solo & Princess Leia cake toppers,
1 year since my mom woke me up with a necklace & a card reading, “dreams really DO come true,”
1 year since we rode in a limo to the airport in Pittsburgh,
1 year since my entire family got together to celebrate our commitment,
1 year since Nile ate Primanti Bros. for breakfast,
1 year since I committed my life & vowed to our sweet Lord above that I would be Nile’s wife, NO MATTER WHAT, until death do us part.

It’s been the best year of my life.

In our 1 year together we’ve relaxed in Mexico and blew money in Las Vegas. We adopted the best doggy in the universe and bought a perfect house to grow our family, start traditions, and make memories. We’ve seen some awesome concerts and explored our wonderful city. We’ve made some of the best friends that we know we can count on for anything. And most importantly, we have miraculously created a new life ~ and we get to meet her in 13 short weeks!

Dreams really do come true.

Speaking of, I have to admit something: I really am not a big fan of “the princess mentality” for little girls. Little girls who are spoiled rotten because they are CONVINCED they are a true princess and deserve anything they want. In the movies, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle,  and Sleeping Beauty were women of good character, always putting others before themselves. Humble, honest, and sweet. How did that wonderful example turn into “the princess mentality” of spoiled, selfish little girls?????

Rant finished.

My point — I do, however, believe in hopes & dreams. I’ve always believed that Cinderella’s dreams that came true for her COULD REALLY HAPPEN in real life. I’ll always believe it because I feel that I am living proof that Prince Charming found me, swept me off my feet, and I am living happily ever after. Dreams do come true. Rock on, Cinderella.

Thank you, Nile, for everything you are to me. I love you so very much!


6 responses

  1. Hi Jess and Nile: Congratulations on your first anniversary. How time does fly. I am so proud of both of you and happy to know you are so still in love and happy. You both are inspirations and hope you stay that way. I sent your card but it may be a day late. love groomers

  2. One year ago my son married a wonderful girl and I got a fantastic daughter-in-law. I am so happy you are a part of our family. Both of my sons are very lucky men and both have such strong, wonderful wives. I am the one who is blessed the most. Not every mother gets such GREAT daughter-in-laws.

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