30 Weeks

I’m over 30 weeks pregnant!!!!

Translation: Holy crap, I’m getting big 🙂

I literally think my baby bump mountain has doubled in size in the past 3 weeks.

I clearly prefer this picture. It definitely should be framed in the baby’s room.

30 weeks pregnant means:
~ I can no longer squeeze into non-maternity sweats
~ We started child birth classes. Grossest thing ever.
~ We purchased paint for the nursery. Please be clear that we have not painted a thing yet, but we bought the paint. Bright green it is! Inspired by this bedding from Land of Nod:

~ We have begun the search for childcare! Fortunately, we don’t need it until August, but still something we must do!
~ Chaylee got her own Christmas presents this year (yay!)

From Aunt Denise

From Uncle Justin & Aunt Sasha

 From Uncle Chris & Aunt Julie

 Lots of great books from various people. The “Twas the Night Before Christmas” book was also from Uncle Justin & Aunt Sasha and it was one that they recorded their voices reading the books, alternating pages. I’ve made it to page 1 without crying. So very special.

~ We’ve definitely begun inheriting baby stuff from friends & it’s SO FUN. All these baby clothes (barely worn) make my heart melt! I swear Chay has enough to cloth her baby body for the next year at least!

Boppy? Bumbo? Changing Table? Diaper Genie? Swing? Vibrating seat? Baby bath?
Check. Check. And check… PLUS SOME Thanks to a wonderful friend!

In other news, we’ve been trying our best to train dog-face to quit barking like crazy when someone in the neighborhood jogs by, the mailman comes, or a leaf blows across the yard. She’s such a good dog, but very protective of us!

All Mommas please answer in comments! xo

Crib bumper vs. None? I think we’re leaning towards none…

Diaper genie. Love it or hate it? If hate it, what is your method of poop disposal?

Make your own baby food or buy jar food? We’ve had our eye on a baby bullet for 6 months now 🙂

Recommendation on best bottles? We inherited a lot of Dr. Brown bottles that are supposed to be awesome. 


5 responses

  1. Bumper are unnecessary, mostly there for looks. Since cribs are made to protect babies, bumpers are just padding and something else to wash. I, personally, LOVE the cloth diaper services. More environmentally friendly and absolutely NO hassle! Make you own baby food….you can do so much with the things you cook yourself before you season things. It’s more economical and better for baby. Oh, and you can use ice cube trays to freeze pureed things, then just put them in bags in the freezer and take out what you need. SUCH a great way to prepare individual servings, not have waste, and save money! I have NO idea about baby bottles, back 25 years ago, I just used washable bottles and nipples….but there are so many advances…and if you already have the Dr. Brown’s then I’d vote for using them!

    • Thank you!! We’ve considered cloth diapers, but I read a couple studies that all the water, gas, and laundry detergent leaves as big of a carbon footprint as disposables. Still thinking about that one….

      We have the ice cube trays for baby food! When you’re ready to feed, do you just thaw it out in the microwave or have to sit it out an hour before you’re ready to feed?

  2. been thinking of you lately, jessica! I must see you soon. Pizza date? 🙂 Love your baby belly as well. You are ADORABLE. As always.
    Here are my responses to your questions, but this was just what worked for me:
    1. No crib bumper. We had a “breathable” mesh one, but it just got in the way. But they do look cute.
    2. We have the Diaper Champ. Definitely did the trick until solid foods came along. We considered buying a diaper genie because I’ve heard those are best, however, we just moved our diaper champ to the garage and that has been great!
    3. Bought supplies to make the food. I never was up for the work once we purchased it. It always looked so discolored, it weirded me out. But I know so many who do it and I know it’s way cheaper. It was just too easy to purchase it.
    4. We liked the Modella bottles best that came with the breast pump. Matt hated any bottle with more than three parts. I can say it was annoying to wash the dr. browns because of the parts, but if you got em, I say keep them and use them! I never had problems with them and have heard they are the top o the line!

    PS. This lady is one blessed little gal to have you two as parents!!!

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