N and J: The Facts

Jess (aka J): A 7th grade teacher, family girl, and reader of books & blogs, that is constantly looking for inspiration. Also enjoys fashion, all things hair/nails/makeup, decorating, social networking, exercising, being domestic, cooking/baking, good coffee and sunshine.

Nile: (aka N): A vacation expert, reader, sports enthusiast, music guru, and trivia king that is always “in the know”. Also enjoys: Star Wars, The Beatles, movies & documentaries, Jimmy Stewart, Singing every song in a Bob Dylan voice(seriously like any song), breakfast, and tweeting everything he possibly can.

Nile & Jess met in June of 2009 at J’s friend from high school/N’s cousin’s wedding. Instant chemistry. N lived in Indy, J had just recently accepted a job in Indy & was getting ready to move there to start a new chapter in her life. Perfection. J moved to Indy, started her job, loved life with N, 6 months later… engaged. One quick year later, married. And thus, our lives as newlyweds begins….

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