The Day I Started Blogging [Again]

Today, I decided to begin blogging again for one reason only. To document this unbelievably awesome time in our lives so that it is archived forever. If you haven’t heard, we have had one BIG change in our life and another HUGE change yet to come.

BIG Change #1: We bought a house.

 And we couldn’t be happier. The house kind of fell into our laps aka an unexpected blessing from the Lord above & it all worked out! It is such a great feeling knowing we have a PERMANENT place to grow our family! Ramona-girl is particularly happy that she has a backyard to run around in!

 Speaking of “growing family”, on to HUGE news #2 (and the main reason I am bringing back the ol’ blog):

We’re having a BABY!!!!

A baby girl to be exact! I’m 25 weeks along & counting ~ due March 15th. Just a little over 3 months left! Here is a quick run-down of my pregnancy so far:

1. Her name will be Chaylee Ann Smith. Chaylee comes fro my mother’s side of the family. My grandmother’s maiden name is Ceglie (from Italy). Another pronunciation is Chay-lee…. we thought it was a great name 🙂

2. I had severe morning sickness from week 8 to week 22. They told me it would end after week 13 (bah-humbug!)

3. We still haven’t really planned the baby nursery. All we know is that we don’t want pink walls. Why limit little girls to pink? There are so many other pretty colors!! In fact, we’re looking at shades of blue! We’re being rebels. Our dream theme is Busy Town by Richard Scarry, but that stuff is hard to find, so we’re thinking of doing a lot of stuff with old Golden Books & stories. Thoughts?

4. I’m growing fast! My most recent “belly pic” is from 18.5 weeks along (wow, 7 weeks ago!?) I better take another one ASAP!

 18 weeks & growing (At 25 weeks, I’m even bigger now!)

I know I’m not the only pregnant lady in the world (even though sometimes I forget that!!), but I truly feel I could star in the next Steven Kroll book, “Biggest Belly Ever.” And it just keeps getting bigger! 🙂

We cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl! The time is FLYING and I know 3 months is nothing, but March seems so far away! Until then, we’ll be enjoying the holidays and our last months of just Nile & I. It’s important to me that I document every step of the way from here on out so that I don’t forget! It is truly unbelievable how far we’ve come and how much God has blessed us in the past year! This Thanksgiving was a true THANKSgiving ~ I’m not sure I’ve ever been more thankful in my entire life!

 Jake, Mom, Turkey = Thankful

I can’t help but think that next year, we’ll have a 9 month old for the holidays!!! 🙂


Some Things Sweet

We’re already at mid-week people! It’s just been….well, another week! I’ve been so consumed with this wedding reception [slideshows, seating, details] and my job, I haven’t done one craft, hung one new thing on my walls, or redecorated any spaces in my apartment. Could it be that I’m starting to actually feel, dare I say, SATISFIED, with the way my apartment is looking? My goals for SOON are as follows:

1. Make chalkboard talk bubbles out of chalkboard paint & foam core board to be used as a photobooth prop for the reception. [Approximately $12 to make 2, Instead of purchasing them for $30 a piece]

2. Get my hands on a sewing machine so I can enroll in this online sewing class & get started! Thus completing my goal of 2011: learn to sew. This seems like the best deal. Go at your own pace, comeback whenever you want, 25+ projects to complete…. ready to learn to make some cute new things!!!

3. Clean out & organize our spare bedroom closet. [Maybe soon I’ll get the guts to post a pic]

In the meantime, some sweet things around the web from today:

Sweet hand made item of the day: The sweetest little house that I ever did see! Great blog too!

Sweet treat of the day: Love cupcakes? Enter this awesome birthday giveaway & be sure to check out the cupcakes at Crumb’s. Prepare to drool.

Sweet find of the day: This sweet vintage Carnelian Heart Pendant necklace.

Sweet  fact of the day: Remember Shel Silverstein? He wrote the poem books “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, “A Light in the Attic”, and of course the infamously sweet/I cry every time “The Giving Tree”?

Silverstein passed in 1999 & I just found out that there will be a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW BOOK of poetry published called “Every Thing On It”, on sale September 20th of this year! The book includes more than 130 never-before-seen poems and drawings completed by Silverstein & selected by his family from the archives. What a great way to celebrate this man’s life!

Speaking of awesome children’s books [that get ruined by movies]

BITTERsweet thing of the day: watching “Where The Wild Things Are” the movie. As N put it, “that’s 90 minutes of our lives that we’ll never get back!” I’ll stick with the fond memories of the children’s book.

Sweet Quote Of The Day:
Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.”

What was the sweetest part of your week so far?